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Patient suffered excruciating burning pain in the ankles and feet

“East West Wellness Center gave me my life back.”
– Rebecca

Patient suffered excruciating burning pain in the ankles and feet

“I had a deep muscle spasm in the low back. I am very happy with the Acupuncture treatment with Dr. Ji for my low back pain. Stacey – (who is the new practitioner joining the practice), was the only one who could locate the deep tissue spasm pain in the low back region, not even my physical therapist or orthopedic were able to locate that. She is phenomenal.”
– Barbara

Patient suffered sciactica pain for years

“I came in for very bad sciatic / sciatica pain that I suffered for YEARS. After only 1 (ONE) Acupuncture treatment from East West Wellness Center, I’ve hardly had any pain since then. I’ve also been treated for Insomnia and sleep issues with Acupuncture. I love this center.”
– Amanda (Rockville, MD)

Patient suffered lower back stiffness

Moderate to Severe stiffness and pain in low back on a daily basis. This patient recovered almost 100% after 8 treatments and have been pain free/ stiffness free for 2 weeks.
– Andre

Patient suffered terrible pain in the knees

Torn Meniscus Knee patient recovered 100% after 13 treatments . She can now walk and zumba and is “perfect”.
– Felipa

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