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An ancient healing art and sophisticated medical science that originated in China about 5000 years ago. It believes that a vital energy or life force known as Qi circulates around our body through some routes called meridians. There are 14 Meridians and each one is connected with a specific organ. For example: lung meridian, heart meridian, etc.

If the flow of the life force is disturbed, resulting in deficiency, excess or stagnation of Qi, illness and malfunction if our body occurs. By inserting the needles at certain points along the meridians, the vital Qi is regulated, balanced or restored and helps return the body to its harmony and health.

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Chinese herbs have a history of more than 3000 years, and are one of the most important parts of the Traditional Chinese Medicine besides acupuncture. In China, there are over 3000 different herbs. However, only about 300 to 500 of these herbs are commonly used.

Because these herbs can treat or help with variety of diseases and problems, they are also called herbal medicine. All of them are entirely from nature. Herbs are composed of roots, barks, flowers, seeds, fruits, grass, leaves, branches and etc. They are employed to balance the hyper-activity or hypo-activity of yin or yang, help the body restore its normal physiological functions and cure diseases. These usually do not have any side effects and can be taken with any other medication you are taking. Safe and natural.


Chinese cupping therapy is a process of suctioning or vacuuming sections of the body’s meridian system.

The purpose of drawing out toxins, pain management, increasing blood flow, and promoting a healthier flow of chi energies.

Electrical Acupuncture

Electro-acupuncture is a form of acupuncture that involves the use of electrical pulses delivered on the specific traditional acupuncture sites along the body.

The procedure can be done with or without the use of needles. This procedure is great with Stroke Rehabilitation, sports injuries, Bell’s palsy and any partial paralysis patients.



Acupressure/Tuina (a blend of ” acupuncture” and “pressure”) is an alternative medicine technique derived from acupuncture.

In acupressure/Tuina, physical pressure is applied to acupuncture points by the hand, elbow, or with various devices. It is very similar to massage but the pressure is emphasized on certain parts of your body.


Moxibustion is an alternative therapy that involves burning herbs and applying the resulting heat to specific points on the body.

A technique used in traditional Chinese medicine and in Tibetan medicine, moxibustion is typically administered in conjunction with acupuncture. This is great for circulation, warmth, infertility issues.

Gua Sha

Gua Sha is a healing technique used in Asia by practitioners of Traditional Medicine, in both the clinical setting and in homes, but little known in the West. It involves palpation and cutaneous stimulation where the skin is pressured, in strokes, by a round-edged instrument; that results in the appearance of small red petechiae called ‘sha’, that will fade in 2 to 3 days.

Raising Sha removes blood stagnation considered pathogenic, promoting normal circulation and metabolic processes.The patient experiences immediate relief from pain, stiffness, fever, chill, cough, nausea, and so on. Gua Sha is valuable in the prevention and treatment of acute infectious illness, upper respiratory and digestive problems, and many other acute or chronic disorders.


Reflexology is a natural healing art which centers on the principle that there are reflex areas in the hands, feet and ears that corresponds to all the parts, glands and organs of the body.

Through application of pressure on these reflexes, reflexology reduces tension, improves circulation and promotes the natural function of the related areas of the body thus helps to restore our body balance and promote natural health and vitality. Although reflex can be found in hands, feet and ears, nowadays, people are more associate it with the feet.

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